Added New Portable (Temporary) Greenhouse

This spring I ordered a 6’X8′, collapsible, temporary, tent type greenhouse from Amazon as  I did not have near enough room in my 6’X13′ greenhouse to hold all of my plants.  My wife and I assembled it in an afternoon and anchored it to an 8’X10′ deck.  24 hours after adding metal shelving and plants we were hit with sixty mile per hour wind gusts and a terrifying thunder storm.  The tent greenhouse held up to the wind, but shook so violently that it knocked several plant to the floor, breaking a couple of pots and damaging a few plants.  We picked up the mess and moved everything in closer to the center so the shaking walls would hopefully not push any more plants off from the shelves. 

It took considerable time to get the climate semi-regulated in such a small greenhouse.  I think that I finally have it set up so that things are starting to grow correctly.  One of the biggest issues is there is no way to automate any venting so one has to listen to closely to the weather forcasts and estimate in the morning how far to open the Velcro windows and other vents.  I also have to leave for work very early in the morning when often it will be very chilly, which means that even though the thermostat is calling for heat, I still have to open the windows if the forcast is calling for a sunny day.  I can really only recommend this type of greenhouse set up for someone who is retired and can be there to attend to it every day.  It will get me through this summer, but I am unsure if I will use it again.