Use Ebay With Caution

I recently had a very expensive transaction go horribly wrong on Ebay.  I ordered mature plants from Thailand, and they arrived with rotted roots and half cooked to death.  I had to leave negative feedback, because of the lack of seller response.  He then contacted me and negotiated a deal to retract the negative feedback.  This process apparently goes on all of the time and is the reason why sellers have perfect feedback.  The buyer is so desperate to get back some of their money that they give the seller what they want.  After getting back around half of my money, I still feel like I overpaid.  Here is a photo of one of the plants.  Buyer beware and don’t be fooled by these remarkable photos of “actual plant” to be shipped.  I would say order from reputable vendors from here in the U.S. unless you are comfortable taking a big gamble.