Final Day with Hoya ranauensis

Hoya ranauensis is a very nice, easy to grow hoya with no really bad habits.  I think it would make a great plant for a beginner who wants to try a Finlaysonii type Hoya for the first time.

Growing Hoya ranauensis

Hoya ranauensis is an extremely easy grower that grows very quickly. I grow it in my regular mix,and until this summer it had grown elusively under artificial conditions in a warm, humid, well-lit, grow tent.  This summer I put it outside where it did equally well, flowering many times.


Hoya ranauensis is Endemic to Borneo

Hoya ranauensis is named after the district of Eastern Sabah, Borneo where it was discovered. It was published by Dale Kloppenburg and Ted Green in their never ending quest to create new species.  Below the flowers of Hoya ranauensis: