Hoya lithophytica Is a Rock Scrabbler

Hoya lithophytica is lithophytic meaning that it scrabbles over rocks and in this case, limestone rocks.  It is literally impossible to make this Hoya grow upright.  It has to point downward.  I have tried growing it upside down to try to make it grow up, all to no avail.

Hoyas From Thailand Part Two

Most thin leaved Hoyas don’t fare well from Thailand.  My one really thin-leafed plant in this order proved the point once again to me.  I ordered H. linusii, and it likely won’t make it.  I do not recommend ordering from Thailand as a beginner, as there are far better and safer options.  The only reason I’m forced to take the chance is I need to find new to me Hoyas, and that is getting harder all the time; the only place I can find them is from the Thai vendors.  Below is a photo of some of the plants after potting up.


Ordering From Thailand – Always A Gamble

First I want to say that today is my father’s birthday and if he were still alive, he would have turned 97 today.  I miss him every day; cherish your parents, because when they are gone, they are gone forever!

It is always a huge gamble when ordering from Thailand.  I just received an order from AH Hoyas, and after 8 days in transit they arrived in pretty decent shape.  Here is a photo after a 2 hour soak, which improved them greatly. You are looking at 12 Hoyas at a cost of $264.  More tomorrow