Working Hard And Paying A Lot To Keep Hoyas

Let’s talk for just a minute about how hard I work and how expensive it is for me to grow Hoyas the way that I do. The photo below shows the discarded remains of an 8X8 Gorilla Grow Tent. I managed to get four years out of this tent, but I really should have gotten rid of it last year. This tent cost $576 plus tax and now needs to be replaced because it is totally rotted out from humidity and standing water on the floor. It is also totally covered in mold and the bottom frame is all rusted out.

The massive amount of work in disinfecting and cleaning the humidity trays full of blue green algae and scrubbing these tents out is pretty tough and disheartening work. The work of setting a new tent up all over again is tough to contemplate. I have almost no head room in the basement, so assembling this tent is an all day and exhausting project. I just want to make it clear that the way that I keep Hoyas is definitely not for everyone, and at some point I will have to severely cut back the number of plants that I keep as a quality of life issue.