My History with Hoya celata Part Three

I was not overly disappointed that I had the Pink Dragon rather than the White, because the flowers were so breathtaking and did not want to try to order another until this mix up got straightened out.  In time, Dale Kloppenburg, said that Hoya pubicalyx ‘White Dragon’ was not a pubicalyx at all and published it as Hoya celata in 2012.

I finally got around to ordering a plant from Aleagarden in Thailand in the summer of 2015. I planted it in a very chunky orchid mix where it languished for some time and grew very little over the next two years.  Below the foliage of Hoya celata:

My History with Hoya celata Part Two

After flowering Hoya pubicalyx ‘Black Dragon’, I was rewarded with buds several months later on the ‘White Dragon’.  Finally it flowered late in the summer of 2012 in the greenhouse.  The flowers were far from white and can be seen below:

While among the prettiest Hoya flowers that I had ever seen, obviously George Mendoza had made a mistake with the plant that he sent.  I had the Pink rather than the White Dragon – More tomorrow…

My History with Hoya celata Part One

In 2010, Joni Kahn from SRQ Hoyas facilitated an order of Hoyas from George Mendoza of Forest Treasures in the Philippines.  Among the offerings were three Hoyas newly discovered: Hoya pubicalyx ‘Black Dragon’, Hoya pubicalyx ‘White Dragon’ and Hoya pubicalyx ‘Pink Dragon’.  They were pricey at around $35 each for a small rooted cutting. I chose the black and white dragons, and did not choose the pink because of the cost.  Two years later the ‘Black Dragon’ flowered for the first time. Below is the best darkest black that I ever got out of it.  Most of the time its flowers were not nearly so dark and did not live up to the hype – More tomorrow…

Hoya hahniae and Hoya lockii

Final Hoya hahniae comparison photo for now.  After sacrificing a peduncle, which the plant would have flowered many times on, I needed to get the most from it, and I think I accomplished my mission!

Hoya hahniae and Hoya rosarioae

Both flowers are pink, but the much pinker Hoya hahniae makes Hoya rosarioae look orange. By the way, I finally had a chance to smell Hoya rosarioae without a cold, and I can say that it does indeed smell of roses!

Pink and Pinker -Hoya hahniae on the Left and Hoya rosarioae on the Right.

Hoya hahniae Won’t Stop Flowering Now

It took a while but now Hoya hahniae is a flowering machine – so much so that I felt I could sacrifice a peduncle to be able to take better photos of it. Over the next few days it will meet a number of new “friends.”

Hoya celata Is Getting Closer

You can tell that these flowers will be the true Hoya celata and not the ‘Pink Dragon’ because at this stage the buds have no pink tinge coloration – Nothing but pure green.  I would guess I will see flowers in a week to ten days.