Hoya Hall of Shame – Hoya biakensis Continued

To add insult to injury with this madding plant., this spring when I put my plants outside for the summer, I found, after a couple of days of temps that dropped into the 40s, a peduncle with 1/8 inch buds on it. I would have never put this thing outside if I new that it was there. I would have kept it right in the grow tent and probably flowered it. I watched those buds for the next week as first one and then another fell off and then the peduncle dropped off to. Did I say how much that I hate this plant?

Hoya Hall Of Shame

We are going to do something a little different this week to prove that I am a human Hoya grower and have problems growing some plants. Each day going forward I will briefly profile a Hoya that I have not been able to flower despite my best efforts. We will begin with Hoya biakensis, AKA Hoya sp. Biak Island, AKA Hoya collina.

I first encountered this plant about a decade ago and I had a pretty nice specimen, and it turned sideways on me and I lost it. I made a mistake getting another one about 4 years ago and have been suffering with it ever since. It has a tendency to all of a sudden get massive numbers of yellow leaves, which are very unsightly. I can’t seem to flower it to save my life. I truly have come to hate this Hoya. More on my hate/hate relationship with this plant tomorrow.

Final Day With Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot

If and when I finally find out that Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot is really Hoya amrita, I will change its name, but for now I like the name of Frog Foot. While it is very early days, I can highly recommend giving this plant a try if you can find it. I know that I have really enjoyed my time with it thus far, and will report back when I find out more about it.

I’m Still Very New and Inexperienced In Growing Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot

My plant now lives in a four inch net-pot; I let it get very dry and then totally soak it. So far it is doing pretty well, but it is a slow grower. I have yet to propagate it, but I feel that it will clone similar to H. platycaulis, which means that it will not be easy. It has never left my warm humid grow-tent and LED lighting. I have no idea how it will perform in regular household conditions.

Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot, Hoya platycaulis, and Hoya amrita

Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot seems to mimic some traits of Hoya platycaulis and Hoya amrita. Hoya amrita is like a orange/red flowered form of platycaulis from Daveo Philippines. Some people think that Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot is Hoya amrita; but the leaves really don’t match up well. The leaves of Frog Foot are much more wider and shorter than the photos that I have seen of the leaves of Hoya amrita. The leaves of H. amrita can be seen in this link: http://www.phytoimages.siu.edu/cgi-bin/dol/dol_terminal.pl?taxon_name=Hoya_amrita&rank=binomial

To make things more confusing Surisa Somadee seems to have dropped Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot from her catalog, but has Hoya amrita for sale. Does this mean that she too now believes that Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot is Hoya amrita?

Growing Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot Part Five

The buds of the plant continued to grow and mesmerize. Eventually one Saturday morning in mid-April, the buds opened to reveal beautiful red flowers that reminded me of red Hoya platycaulis blooms. More on the similarities to that plant tomorrow.

Growing Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot Part Four

Over the next couple of months the pattern of getting a new couple of leaves followed by a peduncle, aborted buds, and finally the loss of the peduncle repeated itself. Finally in April of this year (2020), I got a peduncle that buds actually started developing on and they kept on growing. The buds were fascinating to me as they had these incredibly long calyxes unlike anything that I had ever seen in Hoya buds before. These can best be seen in the second photo below:

Growing Hoya sp. SR-2017-012 Frog Foot Part Three

My plant did okay in the net pot and I began to see roots emerge from the 3 inch pot. Almost immediately I got 2 new leaves and a peduncle formed; I was quite excited, but the buds only got to around a 1/16 of an inch before falling off. I also lost one of the older leaves at this point.