Now That I Flowered Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 I Need To Know More

Finally having flowered Hoya sp. SR 2007-13, I wanted to know more.  I did not even have a clue whose accession number started with SR.  I emailed Ric Morier, and he told me that it was the number of Surisa Somadee in Thailand and this plant belonged in the Hoya acuta/verticulata complex.  I surmise that this plant came to Surisa in 2007.

What Is With These Hoya Prices On Ebay???

Insanity is what I would have to call it.  The prices that some of these plants are going for online over the past few weeks are crazy.  Someone just sent me a link to an eBay auction of a Hoya carnosa Gray Ghost that is up to $567.00, are these bidders crazy?  I would say unequivocally yes they are.  There is no Hoya that is worth that much money, let alone a plant that is completely man made, that has had its DNA altered by artificial means, to come up with a plant that I don’t even find very attractive.   Talk about buyers remorse, if I had bought that plant for that kind of money I could not live with myself.

I know people want these rare plants, but show a little restraint please.  I’m also seeing other Hoyas listed for obscene amounts of money, and to think that I felt guilty for listing a really nice, blooming size, Hoya griffithii recently for $75 shipped.  Sellers are asking $200 for variegated  Hoya kerrii, I mean what’s with that??  Anyhow I hope that I have not offended anyone, but I just had to get this off my chest.

Year Three I Get My First Peduncle

Finally during year three, I get my first peduncle, and I watch it like a hawk for signs of budding up, and nothing happens.  I can’t tell you what it is like to watch a peduncle for months on end and get no results.  Finally in year four I get many more peduncles forming on Hoya sp. SR 2007-13, but still no budding up.  It was maddening!

To Say That Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 Was Hard To Flower Is An Understatement

Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 rooted quickly and grew well almost from the start, but as someone who is used to flowering plants relatively quickly, I realized after 2 years this was not going to happen.  Every year I would move it outside into the greenhouse from the grow tents, and every year I would be disappointed when no peduncles formed.

Time To Talk About Hoya sp. SR 2007-13

Hoya sp. SR 2007-13 was purchased 2014 from Ric Morier in Florida.  I bought it because it was apparently rare because of its high price per cutting, and it had an unknown flower.  It also had foliage that was different than anything that I had.

Hoya sp. EPC-610 aff. acuta Flowers Insanely!

Hoya sp. EPC-610 aff. acuta has peduncles that developed and budded up on almost the entire length of its vine.  The photo is not very good, but you can see how it did this on a window sill.  The only growth that it achieved was the peduncles and flowers – no new vegetative growth.

Hoya sp. aff. vitellina IML 1348 Flowers Inside The House

I’ve never had Hoya sp. aff. vitellina IML 1348 flower inside the regular house just sitting on a windowsill before, but here you have it.  I have noticed that there are a number of Hoyas that won’t really grow in the regular house, but they are capable of flowering up a storm come spring.  Tomorrow another example of this phenomenon.