Size Comparison: Hoya magnifica vs. Hoya calycina

I’ve always wanted to show this comparison between the two blooms, and now I get my chance.  If these two plants are out of bloom, I challenge any of you to be able to tell the difference between the two.  In bloom, it becomes quite apparent!  Hoya calycina on the left, Hoya magnifica on the right:

Saturday Morning News

All is not lost with the Hoya serpens seeds!  After 10 days, some of the seeds have started to germinate!  I have no idea how they will make out for me, as part of an experiment, I am trying what may very well be the world’s first attempt at growing Hoya seeds in an Aerogarden.  I will keep everyone apprised on the progress.  Hoya macgillivrayi has opened overnight, but I have not had a chance to take any photos yet.  Those should come tomorrow, and I will post some in the next week.  Here is a photo from a couple of days ago of Hoya campanulata.  I am becoming more and more impressed with this plant.  It seems to be growing well and producing peduncles with buds and flowers outside of the grow-room.  It is tolerating low light and low humidity just fine.  I no longer had room in the warm, humid grow-room to accommodate it; so it was sink or swim, and it seems to be swimming!

Hoya imperialis From This Morning

Hoya imperialis is the most difficult Hoya to photograph well that I have had experience with.  I took a few quick shots this morning and this was the best that I could come up with.  I am going to try again over the weekend.  The problem is that the blooms are as shiny as glass and it seems that no matter what I try, I get a terrible reflection.  The plant however is oblivious to the difficulties in getting a great photo, and is once again covered with lots of peduncles with buds.

Beautiful Batch of macgillivrayi Buds!

You can see from this photograph taken yesterday that Hoya macgillivrayii is not that far away from blooming.  You can also see the dull gray November sky in the background through the window.  The blooms will be a welcome relief from the bleakness at this time of the year.  I am proving once again that macgillivrayii will bloom given enough 12 hour days provided by artificial lighting.

Here is What is Going On in My Hoya World Right Now

I have a number of interesting Hoya related items that I am currently working on.  I have time-lapse cameras set up on two plants right now – Hoya macgillivrayi and Hoya imperialis.  Both have impressive bud clusters, and I am hopeful that my new higher quality cameras will capture much better photos than I have been able to obtain in the past. 

On a negative note, I have been fighting a Spider Mite problem for a few weeks now on a few of my thinner leaved Hoyas.  I have finally resorted to using Dr. Doom’s Mite Knock Down Spray.  So far, results are promising.  One other piece of disappointing news; I’m afraid that my serpens seeds may not be viable.  It has now been one week since sowing them and there has been no germination.  My experience with other Hoyas seeds has always been that they germinate very quickly usually in 3-4 days if they are any good.  I had big plans for these seeds, and promised half of them to a friend, but it is not looking good. 

Ending on a more promising note, it looks likely that my Hoya picta plant will be blooming soon.  I have not been able to bloom this plant in a couple of years, and my plant at this time looks incredible.  It is covered with peduncles and buds are developing rapidly.  I look forward to sharing photos of this plant and possibly a video in the near future.