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Growing Dischidia ovata Part One

I first grew Dischidia ovata around 2010, and it may have been my very first Dischidia. I knew little about it, but really liked the leaves. I had it potted up in soil, where it did well initially, but succumbed to root rot after I had only had it a few months.

Dischidia Ovata Is Endemic To Tropical Asia

The plant grows throughout the tropical regions of Asia, including Taiwan, parts of China, New Guinea, India, and other locations. Mainly the species is native to South Asia. Altitudinal range from 150m to near sea level. They grow as epiphytic vines in swamp forests, open forest, monsoon forest & rain forest. Below the flowers of Dischidia ovata:

Plants Hanging Around The Yard – Dischidia pectinoides

Who would have thought that Dischida pectinoides could make such a wonderful hanging basket. I bought this plant back in April in a Lowes here in VT, and have enjoyed the heck out of it. I had this plant a few years ago where it flowered, produced seedpods and the strange hollow drum shaped leaves. So far this has not happened to this one.

Final Day with Dischidia astephana

It remains to be seen how I will make out with this plant long term trying to provide cool humid conditions.  I am however very happy that I got to experience the plant first hand and take photographs of its tiny but amazing flowers.

Care of Dischidia astephana

Warm and humid is easy for me to provide using my grow tents, but cool and humid has always been a challenge for me. I am currently soaking my Dischidia astephana daily from 5-10 minutes while I care for the rest of the plants in the tent in which it resides.  It lives under a strong LED light and has grown well for me, but has not flowered since I received the plant last September.