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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

It is very difficult to believe that yet another year has passed by and we are now in the year 2020. When I was a kid, it did not seem possible that I would ever be around that far into the future. When they say that the older you get, the faster time passes by, they were not kidding. I usually take this time to reflect on my Hoya growing over the past year and highlight the the best things that happened with my growing.

Highlights of 2019 would have to include the following: Early in the year saw me flowering two Hoyas that have given me fits over the years – Hoya thailandica, and Hoya maxima Yellow Corona.

Hoya thailandica
Hoya maxima Yellow Corona

Later in the year I followed up with a couple more thorns in my side with the first time flowers on Hoya onychoides and Hoya sp. UT-033:

Hoya onychoides
Hoya sp. UT-033

The two other Hoya high points for 2019 would include flowering Hoya darwinii and the seedpods on Hoya ruthiae:

Hoya darwinii
Hoya ruthiae Seedpods

Probably the single biggest success of 2019 was the single flower that I got on Hoya obtusifolia after dropping literally hundreds of buds over the years.

Hoya obtusifolia

Another highlight of 2019 was having Jane Perone interview me for her outstanding houseplant podcast. I was nervous going in, but Jane was fantastic and quickly put me at ease. Here is the link to the podcast if you have not had a chance to listen to it:

Well those are the highs for 2019, and I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you huge success with your plants in 2020, and God willing we will do this again in 2021!

Hoya patella Happier Than It Has Been In Years

I’ve kept Hoya patella now for well over a decade. I started it over a couple of years ago, because it was not looking its best any longer, and I’m happy to say that it worked out pretty well. It really seems to love its circular critter fence trellis!

Hoya oblongacutifolia Bloom In Less Than Six Months

When I first started growing this plant it was called Hoya graveolens and took over two and a half years to bring into flower. This plant was started over from a cutting this summer and has already produced a peduncle and flowered.

Hoya oblongacutifolia: The Entire Plant At Six Months of Age.
The Flowers of Hoya oblongacutifolia.