Hoya Seanie (H. archboldiana x H. onychoides) Blooming Now

Hoya Seanie (H. archboldiana x H. onychoides) is blooming now.  I thought it was going to take about 15 minutes to get this plant out of the corner of the grow-tent to photograph it, but as things worked out, it took over 2 hours. Two of the plants that I had to move to get to this one desperately needed repotting, so I took care of those and then repotted H. Seanie too.  All good things to get done, but I wasn’t really planning on it.

Hoya sp. kenejiana Red Corona Flowers For 3rd Time

Hoya sp. kenejiana Red Corona has just flowered for the third time in its life.  It is the second time blooming on this particular peduncle. It is growing under bright LED lighting in a very warm and humid grow-tent in my basement.  Despite my early problems with this plant, it is starting to grow on me -no pun intended!

Hoya fitchii Is a Reliable Little Bloomer Even in December

Hoya fitchii is a perfect Hoya for the light garden and will reward you with a pretty much continuous string of blooms.  I however do not know how it would fare in the regular house with no added lighting or humidity as I’ve never grown it that way. I’m guessing that it would not flower in the winter.  Here is a photo of flowers from this morning:

Hoya bella Seedpod or Serendipity Strikes Again

I have never seen a Hoya bella seedpod before and can’t find any photos online.  This coupled with the fact that I have had hundreds and hundreds of H. bella flowers over the years and never had pollination, makes me think that it is kind of rare.

I am very excited to try to raise some of the seedlings of H. bella.  I will not be as stupid as I was with my H. chinghungensis seedpod from a couple of years ago.  I took it off from the plant when it started to turn yellow, and it was not ready.  I will keep this one on the plant until it ruptures and hope for viable seed.  Here are a couple of photos of the pod, which I only discovered about 24 hours ago:

How Lucky Can You Be?

This falls into the category of how lucky can you be.  For the first time ever my H. calycina Stargazer is going to flower twice in one year.  It flowered heavily in April and now is going to be flowering right up until Christmas judging from all of the buds on the plant.

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