Hoya vitellinoides 2019

I have never taken a cutting from Hoya vitellinoides as I just can’t bear it.  The plant is so magnificent that I hate messing with perfection.

Tent Greenhouses Are Economical

Temporary tent greenhouses are an economical way to get your plants out of your house for the summer.  I suggest setting them up in partial shade to reduce the need to mist your plants and to prevent sun-scald.  Shade cloth can also be used to shade your greenhouse.  The biggest reason to use a greenhouse rather than just hanging your plants directly outside in to prevent over watering from too many rain showers. Covered outdoor porches would work well too.

Moving The Plants Outside For the Summer 2019

Moving the plants outside for the summer accomplishes a few things.  It cuts down on my electricity bill; keeps it cooler in the house during the hottest months; allows me to do a thorough cleaning of their grow tent homes, and keeps the mess of flower drops and nectar drips to the outside.  The drawbacks are you have to be hyper vigilant about bringing pests back inside in the fall.

Below is a photo taken inside my new 8X10 greenhouse as it begins to fill with plants:

Hoya bella Is Blooming Up a Storm

Hoya lanceolata Bella is flowering like crazy right now.  It really needs to be up-potted right now, but I probably will just take cuttings and restart the plant.  I don’t have the room any longer for these monstrously huge Bella plants so I need to keep it small.

Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Has Two Accession Numbers

Hoya sp. SR-2009-003 and Hoya sp. EPC-966 are the two accession numbers for this plant.  It also seems to be available in a yellow corona and red corona clone.  I have the red corona.

This is a great plant with the most photogenic of flowers but is not a Hoya for beginners.  It seems very demanding and the roots rot easily so I can’t really recommend it except for those up for a challenge.

Growing (Killing) Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Part Five

Upon closer inspection of the plant, I could see that the leaves lacked turgor, and were almost limp.  I pulled it out of the pot and the roots were completely rotten once again.  This time I took several cuttings which are now rooting in water.  I’m sure that I will be able to save the plant, and this time it will not go back into my amended soil mix.  I will be looking for something with far less water holding capacity as this plant is incredibly susceptible to root rot!

Growing Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Part Four

After fooling around with this plant for at least 3 years, I finally got a decent set of blooms out of it, and then it started putting on peduncles and flowering like crazy.  This was not necessarily a good thing as this was a plant that was trying to survive by producing flowers but actually was near death.

Growing Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Part Three

This is a plant where a peduncle does not necessarily mean quick blooms.  Probably around eight sets of buds blasted before I could bring any to term and the first set of flowers were so weak that they barely opened and fell off.