Hoya sp. IML-557 What Is It Really?

Hoya sp. IML-557 I believe is a plant that really came with the wrong label, but I’ve kept it all of these years because of the phenomenal houseplant that it is.  It is a very easy growing plant with some of the most beautiful leaves in the Hoya world.  So even if the ID is incorrect, I will continue to keep this Hoya as long as I’m keeping plants.

Seven Years Since I Last Flowered This One!

One thing that you can never say about Hoya sp. IML-557 is that it is floriferous.  This plant has not flowered for me in seven years.  Part of that is my fault as I’ve only kept it in the regular house the past few years, but it still should have bloomed, or at least produced a peduncle in all of that time.

Last Day With Hoya sp. EPC-610 aff. acuta and Happy Birthday Denise

Today is the last day with Hoya sp. EPC-610 aff. acuta.  Below are the flowers beginning to close up after about five days.  This is a great Hoya if you can find it, almost pure white blooms, beautiful scent, and great foliage – what’s not to love?  I also want to wish my sister Denise in Florida a very happy birthday today.