Hoya sp. Krabi, South of Thailand EPC-188 Part One

I received Hoya sp. Krabi, South of Thailand EPC-188 as Hoya sp. EPC-188, Krabi Island from Rick Morier in the summer of 2016.  It never did well for me and is one of the Hoyas that I think stressed flowered for me.  Stress flowering is a plants last ditch response to reproduce, before it dies.

Hoya imperialis Blooms At 9 Months of Age From Cutting!

Below is a flower that I cut from one of my Hoya imperialis plants that has flowered nine months from taking a small cutting.  My old record was 14 months.  It does not seem to be a fluke either as my three plants are literally dripping with buds.

Hoya imperialis flower from nine month old plant!

Water Rooting Day Three

The biggest thrill with my water rooting experiment was getting the all white Hoya bella to root, when most all of my previous attempts with conventional methods failed quite miserably.  As seen in the video, one of the cuttings developed a peduncle, and as of this writing, the buds are still growing nicely now that it has been transplanted into soil.  Below the mind blowing results of my water rooting experiment with H. vitellina:

Water Rooting Day Two

Here are a couple of photos of the roots on Hoya vitellina after 35 Days.  I used to water root spider plants about 40 years ago, but never tried it on Hoyas.  When I got into Hoyas all of the “experts” at the time sort of poo pooed it, so I dismissed it as well – big mistake!!

Hoya wallichii Continues to Vex

Hoya wallichii is definitely not for the beginning Hoya enthusiast; it is maddeningly difficult to grow and getting photos of the flowers fully opened is almost impossible.  I guess it could be done by getting up at 3:00 am, but so far I’m unwilling to do that.  Below are my attempts to open up what I think is my 3rd or 4th flower to make it to maturity: