Let’s Talk Hoya quinquenervia

Hoya quinquenervia is flowering up a storm right now. This native of the Philippines makes a great specimen plant and performs well even through the less than ideal conditions of a Vermont winter.

Why I Like Hoya mirabilis Clone B

Hoya mirabilis Clone B is a great little plant that flowers early from a very small plant.  The blooms are large, fragrant and furry. The plant stays small enough to be easily manageable, and could easily sit in a pot among your African Violets if you were so inclined. Below is the final comparison photo of Hoya mirabilis Clone B and Hoya sigillatis.

Disliking Hoya sigillatis Part Three

If Hoya sigillatis grows well for you and is not the temperamental beast that it is for me, you are very lucky.  With its hard leathery, lovely spotted foliage, it can be quite beautiful.  In a few weeks I’m going to try to transplant this misbehaving little plant and if it looks good at the end of the summer, I will probably decide to keep it around; if not, then I’m afraid that we will be parting ways for good.

Why I Hate Hoya sigillatis Part 2

Maybe hate is too strong of a word, but after picking up dozens of it fallen leaves at the bottom of my grow tent all winter long, it was very close to going into the trash bin.  The only reason I kept it was that it always had at least a little bit of new growth going and I wanted to flower it at least one more time.

Welcome to My 2,000th Post!

It is hard to believe that today marks the occasion of my 2,000th Ramblings post here at Vermont Hoyas.  I sometimes wonder if anyone besides me has read every single one of them.  It seems like just yesterday that I started this Hoya blog, but it has now been over six years.  I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone that does take the time to read the ramblings of a Hoya nut on a daily basis.  Every time when I think that there will be no new bloom photos, or anything left to say, something seems to miraculously come my way.  I doubt we will see another 2,000 posts, but I will keep these dispatches up as long as I am able.

The Reason Why I Don’t Particularly Care For Hoya sigillatis

I think that most people will agree that they like a plant when it grows well for them.  A plant that for most of the year looks kind of sickly and drops leaves continually is not going to be at the top of your list. Hoya sigillatis fall into that category for me.  All winter long I was subject to its sickly look, and continually was having to pick up its fallen leaves – more tomorrow.


Hoya sigillatis is Flowering Right Now

Hoya sigillatis is flowering so I thought we should take a few days and talk a little about the plant. Is Hoya sigillatis one of my favorites?  I would have to say no; it is not, and tomorrow I will explain why.

Hoya curtisii Has Opened Her Buds

Hoya curtisii is a strange plant.  There is absolutely no rhyme nor reason to its flowering schedule.  My plant went years without flowering, and then flowered in September for the first time.  The next year it flowered in February, and the year after that (2017) bloomed in May.

Hoya curtisii – The Unpredictable Little Bloomer!

Summing Up Hoya sp. NS05-032

From my understanding, most Hoya hobbyists in Sweden have a large pot of Hoya sp. NS05-032 growing in their homes.  It is very easy to understand as this plant along with Hoya halconensis is one of the most perfect species for tropical plant enthusiasts to keep in their home.  Easy to grow with sweetly scented furry flowers, what is not to love – My highest recommendation for everyone!

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