Hoya pottsii sp. Thailand IML 1336

I received Hoya pottsii sp. Thailand IML1336 from the Liddle Nursery in Australia in the summer of 2011.  Unlike most pottsii, I find that this plant along with its cousin sp. Chiang Mai to be easy to care for and easy to bloom.  This plant has (from the Liddle Catalog†“thick ovate leaves with large heads of fragrant cream flowers.† The flowers do indeed have a very potent fragrance, which woke me up from my slumber, many times in the night.  I cannot say that it is a particularly appealing perfume, but it is strong!

Not being a botanist, I have no real understanding as to why all of what appear to be separated species are all grouped together as H. pottsii.  I have four different pottsii, and other than the flowers looking pretty similar, the plants could not look more unalike.  Anyhow, here is how I brought Hoya pottsii sp. Thailand into bloom in less than 18 months.

I rooted the cutting quickly in my normal light chunky soil mix, and it spent the first winter nearly dormant in my very dry house conditions.  Last summer it spent a few months in the summer greenhouse where it grew well and formed small peduncles.  I transplanted it to a larger glazed pot and moved it into my very cold basement grow tent in early autumn.  While Liddle classified this plant as a cool grower, my tent was just too cold, and the plant did nothing.  Not wanting to completely lose them momentum from its summer growth, I finally moved it into my exceptionally hot (86°F or 30°C) grow room upstairs.  The buds immediately began to form on the peduncles, and it bloomed within a month all under artificial lighting.  I can unequivocally recommend this beautiful plant to any northern grower such as myself.  It has lovely foliage that gets tinged with red in good light, flowers easily with high fragrance – whats not to like!

Hoya pottsii 'sp. Thailand' Hoya pottsii 'sp. Thailand' Hoya pottsii 'sp. Thailand' Hoya pottsii 'sp. Thailand' Hoya pottsii 'sp. Thailand'