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Growing Hoya bicknellii Part Two

It took about a year of growing Hoya bicknellii as an upright for it to develop its first peduncle. There are few things as exciting to me as getting that first set of buds. The plant flowered soon afterwards. Once again the plant was grown completely under artificial conditions.

Growing Hoya bicknellii Part One

I grew Hoya bicknellii as a hanging plant for about a year when I decided that it would work far better as a trellised upright. I transplanted it into a glazed clay pot and it has lived there ever since.

Hoya bicknellii Is Very Similar To Hoya benitotanii

Hoya bicknellii seems very similar to Hoya benitotanii. To make things even more interesting both plants were discovered by the same person in the same geographic area of the Philippines. Below are photos of the flowers of both plants with Hoya benitoanii on top and Hoya bicknellii on the bottom.

The Flowers of Hoya benitoanii
The Flowers of Hoya bicknellii

Hoya bicknellii Is Endemic To Cebu, Philippines

Hoya bicknellii was discovered in Matutinao, Badian, Cebu in the Philippines. “Cebu’s temperatures can reach a high of 36 °C (97 °F) from March to May, and as low as 18 °C (64 °F) in the mountains during the wet season. The average temperature is around 24 to 34 °C (75 to 93 °F), and does not fluctuate much except during the month of May, which is the hottest month. Cebu averages 70–80% humidity.” (Quote taken from Wikipedia) When you see these temperatures and humidity readings it is truly remarkable that we can grow these plants at all in the house.

Final Day With Hoya sp. Mindanao UT-247

Today we draw to a close our discussion about Hoya sp. Mindanao UT-247. For all of you looking for and extremely quick and easy to flower Hoya, I can’t recommend this plant more highly. For those who are more concerned about the mess of constant flowering, you might want to look elsewhere. I do however love the bright red flowers of this species and have had a lot of fun with the plant over all!