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Hoya graveolens Found in Limestone Habitat

Hoya graveolens was found on three karst hills in Kiên Giang Province, southern Vietnam.  I had to look up karst and it means landscape underlain by limestone that has been eroded by dissolution, producing ridges, towers, fissures, sinkholes, and other characteristic landforms.

Hoya graveolens Was First Described By Kerr

Hoya graveolens was first described by Arthur Francis George Kerr in 1920.  Kerr was an Irish medical doctor who is best known now for his botanical work in Thailand.  Many plants have been named after him including Hoya kerrii. The first flowers beginning to open below:

Hoya graveolens Is Endemic To Thailand and Vietnam

Hoya graveolens was thought to only be endemic to Thailand limited to the coastal areas in the proximity of Sriracha where the original specimen was found.  In 2007, 2008, and 2009 it was found in Vietnam thus extending its distribution 500 km eastward. Below the buds of Hoya graveolens:

A Year Ago I Could Barely Keep It Alive

The secret to growing Hoya papaschonii is to grow it primarily in sphagnum moss and always keep it damp.  I killed this plant so many times when growing it in soil based mixes; the roots would just rot.  So far I can’t seem to hurt it in sphagnum even when I soaked it.

Hoya lockii and Hoya papaschonii Have Similarities

We move from Hoya lockii right into Hoya papaschonii because their requirements are very similar.  They both lose their peduncles after flowering and grow very well using sphagnum moss as the primary potting mix ingredient. Here is a photo of six H. papaschonii flowers on one peduncle:

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