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Three Days with Hoya Kaimuki

Hoya Kaimuki has just opened her flowers and I bought a new photo/video light to hopefully be able to take some photos without using a flash.  Here are the results on Kaimuki day one:

Hoya kanyakumariana Opens Here Buds

While we wait for the rest of the buds on Hoya soidaoensis to open I’ve got a couple of other Hoyas that have just opens their buds. Here are the flowers of Hoya kanyakumariana for this year.  It only flowers about once a year for me because of the unfavorable conditions, but I’m always thrilled when it happens.

Hoya soidaoensis Gives Me a Real Scare and Opens Its First Flower

I’ve said that you can jinx blooming by speaking of it too soon, and actually experienced it. Right after showing the buds and saying that I was going to flower Hoya soidaoensis, eight large buds yellowed and fell right off the plant just before opening!  Fortunately I figured out the problem, and am confident that the rest of the buds will open soon.  Here is the first flower to open on the plant so at least now I can say that I have flowered this difficult little Hoya.

Final Day With Hoya sp. Gunung Gadig

Hoya sp. Gunung Gadig is a beautiful Hoya that is fairly expensive to buy and difficult to grow, but the leaves make it a must have for the avid collector.  I recommend it for advanced grower, but be very careful not to over water.

Growing Tips For Hoya sp. Gunung Gadig

Although I should not be giving growing tips for Hoya sp. Gunung Gadig, because of my difficulties with the plant, I will none the less give some pointers:

Use a very chunky mix, Grow plant in a net pot, don’t water unless you’re sure the mix is dry, keep warm and humid all the time.