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Growing Hoya undulata Part One

After failing with my first two rooted cuttings, my friend Jimmy from NC sent me a third specimen in 2018. My plant kept going downhill, and just before it was ready to expire, I pulled it out of its pot and tied it on to my very large Hoya imbricata mount. It surprised me there and actually started to grow, and even went so far as to forming a peduncle, before it fell off. Below the plant on a mount:

Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Blooms In Eight Months

It took me 3 years to flower Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear the first time, as I rotted the roots too many times. This is a plant that is extremely susceptible to over watering, and should only be watered when totally dry. After cutting up my old plant, and selling it all off, I kept a cutting, and this is its first flowering at 8 months of age.

Hoya amicabilis Flowers Get Better With Age

First Hoya amicabilis flowers last a long time – around 2 weeks; second the flowers get better looking every day they are open until the fall off. By that I mean that the flowers open a little more and get brighter yellow every day. This plant wants to flower more than any other Hoya from the earliest of age. Below my much improved plants. I even love the foliage now.