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Growing Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Part Three

This is a plant where a peduncle does not necessarily mean quick blooms.  Probably around eight sets of buds blasted before I could bring any to term and the first set of flowers were so weak that they barely opened and fell off.

Growing Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Part One

I received Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear in a trade from a grower in North Carolina in 2015.  I rooted it, and the plant did poorly from the start. After a year, it might have put on one new leaf, but that was about it.  I pulled the plant out of the pot in mid 2016 and the roots were rotten, as is usually the case with a poorly performing Hoya.

Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear Comes From Perak, Malaysia

Hoya sp. Perak Teddy Bear comes from the jungles of Perak, Malaysia.  There are 13 states in Malaysia; Perak is the fourth largest one. Temperature is fairly constant, that is, from 23 °C to 33 °C, with humidity often more than 82.3 per cent. Annual rainfall measures at 3,218 mm.  Below the flowers of the plant; they are fuzzy like a teddy bear, hence the name.

The Last Photos of This Plant

I will be chopping up this magnificent Hoya imperialis Palawan and selling it off as cuttings so I don’t think that I will ever get to see the flowers on this one again. It took me 2 years to flower it the first time, and I won’t wait that long again. I simply don’t have the room to keep all of these giant growing Hoyas, but I am happy that I got to see it flower a few times, and now I get to pass it on for others to try their luck with it!

Hoya pubicalyx is Now Hoya pubicorolla?

It is hard for an old timer like me to adjust to all of these changes, but I just heard that Hoya pubicalyx has now been renamed Hoya pubicorolla.  So I guess I will have to roll with it.  Here is a photo taken this morning of the former Hoya pubicalyx Royal Hawaian Purple.  The colors on these can range from almost black to washed out red depending upon the conditions under which it is grown.  The top photo is of a pencil sketch feature done in photo processing software, which I think makes a nice effect.