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My History with Hoya sp. UT-033 Part Six

After Hoya sp. UT-033 flowered the first time, it flowered numerous times on multiple peduncles throughout the summer, but cease all vegetative growth.  I have had this happen before on multiple Hoyas and it usually means that it is time to restart the plant.

My History with Hoya sp. UT-033 Part Four

While this Hoya grew vigorously, I was kind of dismayed that I would get no peduncles even when I used numerous tricks like using various blooming fertilizers.  Finally this past winter I started using exclusively RO water with all of my unflowered Hoyas, and after almost six long years I got my first peduncle, and shortly there after another.  Below the buds on Hoya sp. UT-033:

My History with Hoya sp. UT-033 Part Three

Hoya sp. UT-033 seemed to like growing in hydroton and almost immediately showed much more vigorous growth.  It grew in the same 4.5 inch x 7 inch semi-hydro container for a couple of years.  When the roots filled the container I moved up to a 6 inch x 9 inch pot.

My History with Hoya sp. UT-033 Part Two

Hoya sp. UT-033 did not do much for its first couple of years with no indication that it would ever produce a peduncle.  I finally pulled it out of its pot late in 2015 and discovered, as I frequently seem to, that the roots were rotten. I finally took cuttings and restarted it in hydroton using the semi-hydro method.  Below the flowers of Hoya sp. UT-033:

Hoya oblongacutifolia Flowering Up A Storm This Summer

I have started a new Hoya oblongacutifolia plant because the mother plant has gotten too big for me, but I’m giving it one last hurrah this summer by letting it go wild in my portable greenhouse.  I love this plant despite its smelly nature! Here are some flowers growing seven feet in the air on the ceiling: