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Hoya Patricia Flowering As A Tiny Cutting

I recently chopped up my Hoya Patrica plant into a number of little cuttings. Two of them flowered on old peduncles. I recently heard from the creator of this wonderful hybrid, Antone Jones, and he said that Hoya darwinii is the mother plant where the seedpod formed after pollination.

Hoya Hall Of Shame – Hoya carmelae

Hoya carmelae is a sweet little plant that I have been growing and trying to flower now for seven years. The closest that I have come is that once I spotted a vestigial peduncle, which will never grow, or turn into anything. I simply don’t get what this one needs to bloom; it has been torturing me now for a very long time. The blurry photo below symbolizes my frustration with it.

Hoya Hall Of Shame – Hoya desvoeuxensis

While I have had this Hoya for only a little over a year, I have had at least a dozen peduncles form, and to save my life, I can’t get them to begin to bud up. I believe that this is one of those hellish Hoyas that in order to flower, you must have the day length and temperature perfect to get it to bud up. I have tried every trick in the book so far all for naught, and don’t believe that it is able to be flowered by the average hobbyist. I have done exhaustive research online, and the same set of flower pictures keep getting passed around that are over a decade old. There seems to be no one out there regularly flowering this one. Please let me know if I am incorrect in this assumption!

Hoya Hall Of Shame – Hoya nervosa

I have had Hoya nervosa now for 4 years, and while at times it has been a good grower, it has had a lot of starts and stops. Finally this year I got my first peduncles, but they have since dried up! I think that this huge plant knows that if it ever flowers for me, it is history.

Hoya Hall Of Shame – Hoya flavida

I bought this as a cutting from Ric Morier about 5 years ago, and have been fooling around with it ever since. It took 4 years to produce its first peduncle, and not only has it not been able to ever bud up, but all of its peduncles produced to date have fallen off, so I’m almost at ground zero.

Hoya Hall Of Shame – Hoya vangviengiensis

I can’t even pronounce this one, let alone flower it. Another four year old Hoya that will periodically produce peduncles, but has never ever tried to bud up. I pretty much have given up on this one. I keep it around, but will in all likelihood never bloom it.

Hoya Hall Of Shame -Hoya anncajanoae

I thought this was going to be an easy one to flower, but boy was I ever wrong. I’ve had this plant for 4 years now with not even a peduncle to show for it, and to make matters worse, I think that I have root rot and need to start the entire thing over again.