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Pretty On Pink

Here is a fully opened Hoya wallachii flower on a pink background. The plant is now flowering regularly, but the plant looks like #!@%

Hoya curtisii Buds Up In December!!

I used to think that Hoya curtisii needed full sun to form peduncles and buds.  That theory has now been completely shot down with this plant budding up in December.  This photo was taken December 14th as the day length continued to shorten; in addition, the window that it lives in is northwest with no sun penetrating at all at this time of the year.  If you despair that your curtisii has never flowered, don’t give up; it just has to get old enough, and pot-bound enough to do it.

Had To Share This Photo of Hoya Imperialis With All of You!

I gave one of my famous Hoya imperialis cuttings to Julie Kennedy from the UK a number of years ago.  She has just produced the most amazing group of flowers with that plant which I have ever seen.  Look at the coronas and the corolla tips.  There are are flowers with 4,5,6, and 7 tips!!!! Thanks to Julie for the photo and allowing me to show it off here – just unbelievable!!

Photo courtesy of Julie Kennedy

Growing Hoya ‘Rebecca’ Part Five

The plant opened her flowers in mid-December, just seven months after starting from cuttings.  This is one of the faster bloomers in the Hoya world. For a plant that I cared little about when first ordered, it has turned into a favorite.  I really can’t recommend this Hoya highly enough!

Growing Hoya ‘Rebecca’ Part Four

As the months passed and the daylight grew shorter, I noticed peduncles beginning to form in mid-November.  Worried that there would not be enough light in the darkest month of the year to bring buds to term, I moved the plant into one of my grow-tents.  Almost immediately the leaves began to take on the characteristic red color, and the buds began to form.

Growing Hoya ‘Rebecca’ Part Three

Moving from a 2 inch to a 3 inch net pot very quickly, Hoya ‘Rebecca’ soon needed transplanting again.  The roots were so tangled in in the ‘net’ that I just sunk the entire thing, pot and all, into a 4 inch plastic pot.  I then attached a hanger and hung it up in the regular house.